Our Network

Our Network

Our DNS solution is built with PowerDNS; a fast and scalable open source DNS server with a large and active developer and user community. DNS zones are stored in SSD-backed PostgreSQL databases and DNS Wizard employs database replication between our geographic locations. This is faster, more scalable and more consistent than traditional master/slave zone replication.

Our PowerDNS nameservers are hosted on our own IP Anycast network with servers strategically placed in more than 5 countries. Anycast is a network and routing solution which will route the DNS query of the user to the nearest server, speeding up query time. By comparison, a traditional Unicast DNS network may route DNS queries to distant DNS servers on the other side of the world, causing latency.

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Security & Attack Mitigation

DNS Wizard employs an advanced set of security technologies to prevent a large majority of DNS- based and traditional network attacks. All our nameservers are protected by enterprise-grade firewall and Intrusion Prevention systems and monitored 24/7/365 by our team of Wizards!

  • Intelligent Firewall and Intrusion Prevention powered by Sophos UTM.
  • DDoS mitigation technology deployed throughout our network.
  • A DNS environment that adheres to all industry security recommendations and best practices.
  • Strong employee access governance and information disclosure procedures.
  • Multi-factor customer authentication.
  • Monitored 24/7/365 by our staff.

Reliability & Redundancy

Our network was designed with multiple layers of redundancy, and without any single point of failure. The active load of each cluster member in each geographic location is continually monitored; if a particular member server becomes overloaded, DNS traffic is load balanced to a less busy member server within the cluster.

In the event of a catastrophic failure of a cluster or data center, DNS traffic is redirected to the next nearest location to the source of the DNS query.

We Own Our Network

Unlike many other companies selling DNS hosting, we are not rebranding another companies DNS Hosting service and reselling it as our own. We own and control every aspect of our network. The environment is managed and supported by us directly, which has the advantage of if there are problems or you need support, you are not dealing with a middle man.

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